To activate the bracelet and ring, you simply rinse it in clean water. The rinsing purifies and activates it.

Do this during the day when there is sun light.

The FengShui bracelet and ring works by cleansing and blocking out all negative aura (ie, the energy that surrounds you) and bad energy around its user. 
This opens you up to positive energy and creates an attractive aura around you. The effect, is what opens you up to attract & receive good things easily and abundantly.

It is very similar to the popular blackstone which removes poison from the body. The only difference is that the fengshui works outside the body while the regular blackstone works inside the body. There is no juju involved. It is purely a hidden wonder of nature.

Usually it takes about 14 days to kick in. But sometimes it can even start immediately. It all depends on your present aura.

YES, these bracelets and rings were made and blessed by Fengshui monks before being packaged and shipped.

No, there are no side effects.

Fengshui is natures gift to us. we onlu harness it for good. it is very similar to how we use plants and herbs for our betterment.

How to wear your Pi Xiu Bracelet

Wear the bracelet on your dominant hand, the hand that you use to write.
When worn as a bracelet, the Pi Xiu should be pointing away from the body (outward).

The Pi Xiu should be pointing towards the small pinky finger.

You, as the owner, should be the only one wearing it. If another person wears it, rinse the Pi Xiu with clean water. If dirt or dust touches it, wash it off with clean water. If blood gets on it, cleanse it with clean water. Blood taints the Pi Xiu.Keep the Pi Xiu away from chemicals that may damage it.

It is recommended to remove it before sex. This is simply because it will likely be touching your sex partner.

If you need to store it for a longer period of time, cover it inside a jewelry box or your closet.

How to wear your Pi Xiu Ring

The ring is best worn on the middle finger so it can attract energy from all directions.

The bracelet is best worn on your dominant hand. ie  the hand you use in writing.
The ring is to be worn on the middle finger of any hand you choose.

It doesn’t like to be kept in dirty places.
Do not stain it with blood.
Do not wash it with soap or detergents, only use clean water.

The bracelet has the black obsidian that cleanses your aura. the ring does not have it.

The ring has only the fengshui pixiu which attracts positivity, good luck and abundance

It is recommended to take it off before sex or you rinse it in clean water after sex.

No, you don’t have to wear the two at once.